Monday, May 01, 2006

Rate a Minute! "Every Change of Rate"

From my experience most economists have a healthy dose of humor. HT to Yelnick. I am not sure why this blog was on my list because I don't agree with his basic theories. The Elliott Wave Theorist (EWT) is a theory of long term trends that can be predicted. Many liberals on Thom's boards believe some of this stuff.

I actually like Ben Bernanke but there is a hilarious video at Columbia Business School.

A summary of the behind the scene joke is at WSJ/Glenn Hubbard: King of Pain and The Big Picture.
Today's best four minutes of the day: an uproarious parody of the Police's "Every Breath You Take" by students at Columbia Business School, which purports to show the school's dean, Glenn Hubbard -- and, no, that is not Mr. Hubbard, the school confirms, but a look-alike student -- taking Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to task for monetary policy mistakes (in a fit of jealousy over not getting the position). It's hard to resist the charm of any attempt to poke at the Fed, especially one that includes the couplet "Hope your models break/bet that beard is fake." The real Mr. Hubbard was traveling and could not be reached for comment.

But in all honesty they are a little tough on Ben since he has only been on the job one month and supervised only one meeting. But then, since it is suppose to be from someone jealous then it seems logical.


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