Friday, August 14, 2009

Idiot Poly

Sue wrote:

Ron, do you have any evidence to back up your arguments? Have you thought about the arguments presented here? Insulting others gives the impression that the answer is no in both cases.

What evidence are you looking for? Back to my comment:

Well the world has plenty of "fresh water" we only need to tap it or change its form. The world is 3/4 water!!

What evidence that the world is covered by 3/4 saltwater? That we only have to "tap it"-meaning that we have it go to productive activity or that we "change its form" thus meaning that if it lost its salt content but could easily retain its other traits.

You're knowledge of agriculture seems nil.

Sue, am I not an "other" also?

Back to assumptions:

1. And just what do you propose to do with all the salt after its been extracted from the water?

That assumes that there is only one solution that I have thought about but clearly the question I ask is where did the salt come from? That should answer any question and if we really concerned about salt content in the oceans then make some salt domes in the ground.

2. Have you ever seen what happens to arid land when its irrigated over a period of time? Salts in the soil are disolved, rise to the top and turn the land into desert. Edible crops can't be grown on it.

If he assumed that I took out the salt then why ask it like my only choice is to irrigate it over the land? That was another persons idea that said to divert saltwater in the Pacific to the Southwest of the USA in the old forum. But maybe salt tolerant tomatoes can grow in such areas that are present in the world. Scientists create saltwater tomatoes

I have read already about areas that have tried to do the direct application of seawater to irragated fields and the reports I read were of mixed results. Thanks for admitting as such.

Lastly nothing I said implied or even hinted that that (irrigation of straight seawater} was in my mind at the time as seaweeds are not land based or do we worry about what happens to the salt them. Do we?

First find viable solutions, impliment them, then talk to me about increasing the population.

We need more consumers...we need more consumers! When you're trapped into a system that requires continual expansion in order to not collapse upon do.

More assumptions than I care to address now. Only find some economic solutions, implement them...





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