Thursday, January 12, 2012

RSY: Options...

A new year creates new possibilities and RSY is suggesting a few covered calls to enhance returns. The RSY portfolio is still suggesting to hold onto the current positions as none have been lowered in the Sabrient ratings to Sell or Strong Sell. Currently the portfolio has 4 Strong Buys and 4 Buys including KRO which was recently picked for Sabrient’s 2012 Baker’s Dozen. Here are some suggestions for writing call options if you have not already sold some for tomorrow's opening (GTC):
KRO: MAY-12 $25.00 CALL 4 @ $1.45
TAL: JUL-12 $35.00 CALL 4 @ $2.50
ARLP: JUN-12 $80.00 CALL 1 @ $3.95
DLX: JUL-12 $25.00 CALL 2 @ $1.65

If it is good enough for Carl Icahn it should be good enough for Rock Solid Yield investors. Well actually we don't follow individual investors, no matter their track record at Sabrient. RSY does find common interest with Icahn in CMC...
CMC facts:
AuditIntegrity: 78
StockScouter: 8
Insider Buying *
Two or more executives, directors or major shareholders purchased a large number of shares recently. Very positive

Basic Materials : Iron & Steel
Dividend: .12 for date of 1-18
Icahn also increased his bets in Commercial Metals (CMC)
Carl Icahn's Top Undervalued Q3 Picks - Seeking Alpha
An Open Letter to Carl Icahn.

TAL: APR-12 $30.00 CALL 4@ $2.00
KRO: MAY-12 $20.00 CALL 4@ $1.65
ARLP: JUN-12 $80.00 CALL 1@ $2.95 or JUN-12 $75.00 CALL 1@ $5.2
CODI: Sucks
DLX: JUL-12 $25.00 CALL 2@ $1.55
Or: JUL-12 $20.00 PUT 2@ $2.00
IVR: Sucks
STM: Sucks

AMERISTAR CASINOS INC COM ASCA in Baker's Dozen. Ex-dividend Feb 25???

Record Dividends in 2012 Should Help Consumers - Real Time Economics - WSJ


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