Friday, November 19, 2010

RSY XX: Buy 100 TSH @ $32.01

Teche Holding Company (AMEX: TSH) is a regional savings bank located in Louisiana, and is rated as a Strong Buy by Sabrient for its outstanding value profile. Its Sabrient fundamental score (financial health) ranks it "substantially higher than the average of its industry group". Even more outstanding, for the aspects the RSY portfolio is looking for, is its consistent dividend payouts for over 10 years, its outstanding forensic accounting scores, and its healthy insider buying. This would be another financial sector stock but would provide exposure into the banking side of the sector. A sector that will be vital if the US is to get back to a full employment economy. The one area that is of most concern is that TSH is a lightly traded micro-cap stock. Part of the reason for low daily volume is due to a lot of "insider" ownership and low turnover rating for the largest owners, including mutual funds. The positive aspect of picking Strong Buy rated micro-cap stocks by Sabrient is their overall performance as a group compared to a comparable benchmark. At the link
Performance: Long Rankings, it shows how micro-cap stocks perform across a variety of investing styles with some of the best performance in micro-caps. Thus RSY recommends a buy order of 100 shares of TSH at a limit price of $32.01 (GTC).

With the Right Dividend Stocks, How Much Money Would You Really Need to Retire? -- Seeking Alpha

ETFs???: NFO {60}, PFM {52}, PID {57}, DLN {63}.

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