Thursday, June 16, 2011


Despite a respectable showing for Sabrient's key value measure, IVR is rated a Sell. It appeared among Sabrient's shorting filters as a stock with characteristics that are being avoided by the current market.

RSY recommends selling off the remaining half of the initial position of 400 shares (based on a portfolio of $100,000). Sell 200 shares of IVR at a limit price of $20.81 (GTC). This is a most opportune time to unload as the last ex-dividend date was on June 15th with record date of tomorrow. This will net us a small capital gain from our original purchase on August 23rd, 2010 but a huge dividend of $3.94 per share.

Below is an update of the portfolio transactions since inception. Since last update, we have added capital gains of $225 from selling EGAS and $207 in dividends.

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