Monday, March 26, 2012

RSY: XXXXVII: Buy AVCA at $5.59

Advocat Inc. (AVCA) is rated as a Strong Buy by Sabrient for its excellent value and growth scores of 92.9 and 83.8 respectively (top is 100). With less than average market risk it is expected to outperform the market significantly. AVCA's accounting and governance ranks it at the top for conservative practices, which is noted by Sabrient rating AVCA at 82.5 for its Fundamental Score. Beneficial owners have been accumulating positions in this micro-cap stock. Healthcare is a sector that RSY does not have a position in and would help balance the portfolio with this 4% dividend yielding stock.

Since it is a lightly traded stock, RSY recommends buying a small position of 400 shares at a limit price of $5.59 {good for the day}. The ex-dividend date is March 28, so this is a good time to capture a position in it now.

AVCA does not have options available but reviewing our open options shows that the Jun $80 Call for ARLP is down around $0.25 from our 1 option sold at $4.10. The bad news is that ARLP has dropped in price while capturing the option premiums. ARLP is rated a Buy by Sabrient and RSY recommends continuing to hold this position and wait for better prices to sell or covered calls again.

Both TESS and BRKL do not have options available, but are priced so that we can reduce our exposure while capturing some of the capital gains. RSY recommends selling half of each position as such: Sell 200 shares of TESS at $23.01 {GTC} and Sell BRKL 200 shares at $9.51 {GTC}. Sabrient rates BRKL as a Hold presently and TESS as a Buy. This will result in a small gain in BRKL but nearly $2300 in gains from TESS on the 200 shares sold and nearly 100% in gains!

AVCA 4% AI-100% StockScouter 8 Healthcare : Healthcare Facilities
Sabrient rates AVCA a Strong Buy for its excellent value and growth scores.
Value 92.9 Growth 83.8 Sabrient Fundamental Score of 82.5

LFVN-Lifevantage Corporation

OKS 4.36% 4-28-2018 of $0.61 AI-77 StockScouter 9 Utilities
Growth And Quality Don't Come Cheap At Oneok Partners
Value: A rank of 29.1 for the Sabrient Value Score implies that historical and
projected earnings are already priced into shares of ONEOK Partners.
Balance Sheet: 6.2 YUCK!!!

Sell 1/2 of
BRKL HOLD 400 shares
TESS HOLD 400 shares
No options.
Buy to cover ARLP option.

Sell NLY after April 1st

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