Thursday, December 02, 2010

RSY XXI: Buy 400 FL at $19.29; Portfolio Update.

Foot Locker Inc. (FL) is rated a StrongBuy by Sabrient for its "top momentum score {92}, along with a solid growth profile {67.6}". It also boasts an outstanding Timeliness Score of 97 and a good Earnings Score of 81.7 which measures "overall earnings performance and projected outlook". The forensic accounting score is good overall and nothing negative about the insider buying or selling. Going forward, earnings estimates are expected to steadily increase over the next 4 years along with top line revenues. Cash flow per share is expected to be soft next year but certainly enough to pay out the steady flow of dividends. The dividend yield is a little over 3% which is acceptable for the RSY portfolio, and the next ex-dividend date has been announced for January 12, 2011. For diversification of the portfolio, picking FL also gets RSY into the retail industry. RSY recommends a buy order of 400 shares at a limit price of $19.29 which is close to the daily high and was the closing price. As long as there are no gap-ups at the opening, then we should be fine at this price point.

Update of Portfolio:
RSY is recording a dividend of $8.00 on December 1st from GAIN for the 200 shares held in the model portfolio. Below is a summation of trades along with the gains (or losses) of the model portfolio. (Click on tables for clearer images.)

The next table shows the current recommended holdings in the RSY model portfolio.

Top 15 Stocks Hitting New Highs, But Being Sold by the Smart Money,by: Kapitall,MRH

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