Monday, December 20, 2010

RSY XXIII: Sell TSH, LZ Dividend

Not much activity for the month of December in the RSY portfolio. Could almost say it is starting to be a lazy portfolio. LZ did provide a dividend of $36 for the 100 shares of LZ which was recorded on December 10th. RSY has not yet found another stock to add to the portfolio.

As mentioned in the last post of RSY, we should exit out of TSH gracefully, especially considering this is a lightly traded micro-cap stock. Given that it has been topping over $33 to $33.25 for brief periods, we should be able to exit at $32.99 if we are patient enough. RSY recommends a Sell 100 shares of TSH at a limit price of $32.99 {GTC}.

Also worth noting is that IVR, MRH, and NGPC all have their next ex-dividend date on the 29th of this month, and as such any further recommended rebalancing will probably occur after the first of the year. CODI shows some weakness in the charts, but RSY is still recommending a hold on the current 200 shares.

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