Monday, January 03, 2011

RSY XXIV: Update,

Since the last post, RSY recommended a sell of TSH at $32.99. On December 21st it nicely gaped up and thus RSY noted an opening price point of $33.23. RSY is also recording three dividend deposits distributed from EGAS of $18, GAIN of $8, and TSH of $35.50. The chart below gives a detail of the transaction history so far with realized gains of nearly $2300. (Click on tables for clearer images.)

The next table is a little busy, but the important aspect is it shows each of the positions held and are now holding and the realized and unrealized gains so far. All the picks so far are have produced gains except for LZ. Since we are planning on holding this position, then over time the option should expire worthless and we would pocket the premium.

It may be a long 3 months to hold the current positions of MRH, IVR and CODI until the next ex-dividend date. MRH is still rated a StrongBuy by Sabrient and CODI at Hold. IVR has been upgraded to Hold from Sell and has been maintaining stable prices after the ex-dividend date along with finishing their public offering of 10 million shares for a net proceed of $214 million. RSY recommends further holding of these positions. And now for a look at the current holdings:

Compass Diversified's Unchanged Q4 Dividend



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